Our Journey




It might come as a surprise to you that we were best friends as kids


Geek Chic... before Geek Chic was cool!

Having a mutual interest in Rhythm and Blues music, we both struck up a friendship.

Weekends consisted of teaching each other guitar parts, learning to harmonise together and going to see gigs where we could.


Our first gig together 1994

Our Apprenticeship


The next 10 years where spent learning our trade, playing in bars and working men's clubs around the North of England.

The Seahawk, in Manchester (above) safe in the knowledge we had learnt the full Oasis back catalogue

Sometimes a little intimidating, but we learnt to win the audiences over by taking requests on the spot and playing what the punters wanted to hear.


Trying not to make eye contact with the locals!


Playing at The Cavern Club- Liverpool 2001

In our mid 20s we started writing our own material and started to have success with our band.



We toured with bands such as Shed Seven, The Drifters and The Specials on their reunion tour.


Beating Amy Winehouse to the cover of the London Evening Standard in 2004!


In 2005 we signed a record deal with Electric Records

Celebrating our record deal 2005

We went on to record our debut album down in Abbey Road


Leaving Abbey Road 

Debut single, championed by Steve Lamacq on Radio 1


After dedicating most of our adult life to the four piece band, we both decided we needed a new challenge and decided to start an acoustic duo.

Our reputation spread and we soon had a permanent residency in Scotland and were performing 3 hour sets, 5 nights a week at various venues across the U.K.


Eyemouth, Scotland 

Being seen on stage most nights we were inundated with requests to play for wedding couples. We realised we offered a unique service and work rate like no other musicians around.


In January 2013 we launched Rock My Reception, with the specific aim of providing a bespoke service for wedding couples.



Within 12 months, we were named the 'Best Newcomer' to the wedding industry, out of 100s of wedding business's.

Winning the Best Newcomer, London 2014

Since 2013 we have played over 350 weddings and pride ourselves in offering a personal service for every wedding.

Our mission statement is this:

"Every wedding is individual. We recognise this and aim to tailor-make our music for each wedding. Ensuring it is as unique as the wedding couple themselves. We want every Bride and Groom's experience of Rock My Reception both in our customer service on the run  up to the day and on the day itself, is to be a personal one which they will never forget."

Here's to the future...

Kieran from Rock My Reception
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