Daytime Package

daytime package

  • Live background music as guests are seated.
  • Any song of your choice as the bridal party and bride walk down the aisle.
  • Your choice of songs during the signing of the register.
  • A song for walking back up the aisle, as husband and wife!


Live music performed, during the drinks reception.

Create the perfect atmosphere, as guests enjoy drinks and canapes!


As you are announced into your wedding breakfast, we can play a song as you walk to your seats, as your guests cheer you!

Then live, laid back acoustic music during the meal.

Late Afternoon Ukulele

After the wedding breakfast, during the room turnover, we offer our ukulele set. An informal, unplugged sing-a-long, where guests are more than welcome to join in!

This works best outside or in the bar area and prevents there being a lull in the atmosphere after the meal and creates a WOW factor for arriving evening guests.

This part of the day is often over-looked when planning a wedding. It is important to maintain some momentum, and not leave your guests without entertainment.

about our live set

Our Live Sound

We play acoustic guitars, small cajon drum and sing! This is amplified and has a live band sound. We have an emphasis on up beat songs.

Song Requests

If you or guests have any specific songs that you would like us to play, you can either request them on the day, or email them across before-hand. At previous wedding bride and grooms have left request cards on the tables for guests to fill in and hand to us. This is a great way of everyone feeling included and hearing a song of their choice throughout the day.


Kieran from Rock My Reception
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