Covid-19 Cancellation Policy

Since the start of the pandemic, we have paid back ALL deposits and balance payments, including any recoupable, up-front expenses, to wedding couples, who have had to cancel their wedding due to Covid-19.

No 2nd Deposit Required For Date Change

We would not request a 2nd deposit should you want to reschedule the date. We will simply move your existing deposit on to your new date!

Recoupable Expenses

Our recoupable expenses are usually travel, flights and accommodation costs. If your wedding is in the UK, these will be minimal or non at all.

Where we have recouped money back from accommodation providers and flight companies, we pay this directly back to the wedding couple.

In the instance that we can not recoup our expenses back, we would not be able to make this payment, but we would still pay back the rest of the deposit and balance.

Where we can, we book all out flights and accommodation with reputable companies who offer us a refund, so that we can pay you back the full amount.

We really do appreciate your custom and appreciate your concerns. Should you have any questions regarding the above, don't hesitate to contact us.

Kieran from Rock My Reception
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