DJ Set

Our DJ Set

We pride ourselves in providing a DJ set that you and your guests want to hear. We will not play songs that you think are inappropriate for the occasion.

Deciding on songs for our DJ set couldn’t be easier. Either email us a list of songs to play before the date, or leave it up to us to judge the crowd on the night… and just like out live sets… we always welcome song requests!!!!

We use modern mixing and lighting gear. We have a vast array of songs to hand, or you can simply send us a song list of songs that you would like to hear.

A Diverse DJ set inclusive of all the guests

Wedding's always have a broad age range of guests, so we always aim to play a good mix of music during our DJ sets, which is inclusive of all the guests

Keeping the dance floor busy

To be a successful wedding DJ you need to be able read the audience. To ebb and flow with the crowd and tap into what is going down well on the night

Creating The Atmosphere

A quick sample of our DJ set. This filmed at a beach side wedding party in Dubrovnik

Kieran from Rock My Reception
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