Full Day

full day package

Live music throughout your wedding day

You can book us to play throughout your day. We can intersperse live music throughout separate times of the day, and be 'on hand' all day, to truly be the sound track to your wedding day.

The soundtrack to your wedding day

The full day package includes...


-Drinks Reception

-Wedding Breakfast

-Evening Guests Arrival

-First Dance

-Evening / Night Reception

-Live music & DJ set



Creating the right atmosphere

When we perform at a wedding for the full day it is crucial to play the right songs at the right time. We tend to build up the momentum as the day is going on, for example we would typically play more laid back songs earlier in the day during the drinks reception and the wedding breakfast. We would then rock it up for the evening set saving the most anthemic and up-beat songs for the end of the night.


professional musicians

We pride ourselves in having a professional working attitude

We understand how important your wedding day is, and we will strive to work as hard as possible to make it extra special for you.


Kieran from Rock My Reception
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