daytime package


No awkward silences during your ceremony-

We can play subtle music as your guests are entering into the ceremony room, waiting for the arrival of the bridal party.

Choose your song for us to play as the bride and bridal party walk down the aisle.

Also any songs of your choice during the signing of the register.

Why not ask us to play an up-lifting song, as you both walk back up the aisle together as husband and wife!



drinks reception


The perfect ice-breaker for your Drinks Reception. This works great out in the venue gardens or inside.

Let us entertain your guests, as you are having your photos taken. We love to take requests, so invite your guests to ask us for their favourite songs.




wedding breakfast

As you are announced into the room after the receiving line before the meal, we can play a short song.

Often you will be announced into the room, similar to the following... "Please welcome the new Mr and Mrs (Surname) "

At this point we can play a short song as your guests are clapping and cheering as you both take your seat.

We can then play as subtle background music, to help create an ambience during the meal.

At previous weddings, bride and grooms have put suit case labels on the tables for guests to fill in with any requests they would like us to play.

We are open to any ideas you may have, should you want your guests to request any songs.



If you are thinking outside the box... tell us and we can fit in with your plans!

Being an acoustic band gives us the freedom to play wherever you and your guests choose to congregate. Whether it be outside, inside, in the venue gardens, or courtyards, in a field or up a hill, we can fit in with your arrangements!

we love weird & wonderful locations!

Got a crazy location for us to play? In the past we have played at sing-a-longs on vintage buses taking guests from the ceremony to the reception.

Also at drinks receptions on boats, roof-tops, cellar bars, vintage fairground rides, beaches, just ask and we will play!

with or without amplification

Some locations are more suited to us playing without amplification for a more intimate and laid-back festival vibe we can perform unplugged!


evening package

evening and night

We can get everyone on the dance floor for your evening/night reception.


We usually play a real mix of lively, up-beat songs to keep everyone dancing. We ensure we cater for all generations, making sure we play a huge range of songs, catering for the the broad generations that attend.

We emphasis that our job is to entertain you and your guests, so if you have any specific songs for us to play, just let us know and we will make sure we play them live on the night!



first dance


We can play any song that you choose for your first dance. If you have any ideas to make your first dance unique, we can play a bespoke version for you.

Some wedding couples love the limelight and in the past we have played to choreographed dance moves! Other are more reserved, in which case, we can invite guests to join you on the dance floor early on in the song, to take any pressure off you.

We have played at wedding's in the height of summer when guests would rather be outside. This has led to an impromtu 'Outside First Dance'

dj set

We can play live music and then break the evening up into separate sets with our D.J set.

We pride ourselves in providing a D.J set that you and your guests want to hear. We will not talk over records with cheesy chat, or play songs that you think are dated and inappropriate.

We use state of the art mixing and lighting equipment. We also have a vast array of songs to hand, or you can simply send us a play list of songs that you would like to hear.

keeping the party in full swing

request cards

At previous wedding's. Wedding couples have left request cards on the tables for guests to fill in and hand over to us.

With both our live music and DJ services, if there are any specific songs that you would like us to play we are more than happy to learn them at no extra cost. Or if there are any bands or styles of music you would like, just let us know.

set times

Ultimately how you would like the evening and night to run is completely up to you. We are always flexible and  fit in with the wedding couple and the venues plans and times.

We often get asked what works best with set times, so here is what we find leads to a successful night reception...

17:00 Rock My Reception arrive

18:00 onwards: Set up when room is free (takes 20 mins for us to set up at the most)

19:00 Music as evening guests enter

19:45 Announce Cake Cutting

19:55 Announce First Dance into Live Music Set

21:00 Evening Buffett, break for 45 mins DJ set

21:45 Live music set

22:30 DJ Set

23:30 Final live set with anthemic sing along songs, Hey Jude, Don't Look Back In Anger etc

24:00 Curfew



Main Services

full day package

Live music throughout your wedding day

You can book us to play throughout your day. We can intersperse live music throughout separate times of the day, and be 'on hand' all day, to truly be the sound track to your wedding day.

The soundtrack to your wedding day

The full day package includes...


-Drinks Reception

-Wedding Breakfast

-Evening Guests Arrival

-First Dance

-Evening / Night Reception

-Live music & DJ set



Creating the right atmosphere

When we perform at a wedding for the full day it is crucial to play the right songs at the right time. We tend to build up the momentum as the day is going on, for example we would typically play more laid back songs earlier in the day during the drinks reception and the wedding breakfast. We would then rock it up for the evening set saving the most anthemic and up-beat songs for the end of the night.


professional musicians

We pride ourselves in having a professional working attitude

We understand how important your wedding day is, and we will strive to work as hard as possible to make it extra special for you.


destination weddings

Weddings Abroad

We pride ourselves in being the UK's leading award winning, destination wedding band. Booking Rock My Reception for your destination weddings is surprisingly simple and can make for a great alternative to unknown musicians performing.

We are happy to learn any songs for your wedding. A little taste of home when getting married in the sun can make for a memorable experience. So if you fancy being serenaded during your ceremony to one of your favourite bands, or hiring us for the drinks reception, for a laid back summery feel, or even the first dance on the beach. With your friends and family surrounding you as we sing and play an acoustic version of your favourite song, how could a wedding be more perfect?




Travel, Logistics & Pricing

It is surprisingly easy and cheap to transport us to a destination outside the UK.

We can arrange cheap flights and accommodation in advance.

We travel light so there are only ourselves,  hand luggage and our acoustic guitars to fly out.

We always liaise with wedding organisers before the big day to ensure the day runs exactly to plan.

As a matter of routine we always arrive the day before to make a reconnaissance of the wedding venues.

We have always maintained a healthy working relationship with venues and organisers.

Value for money abroad:

When booking Rock My Reception for your destination wedding you will be guaranteed value for money. We will not limit you to set playing times, and can be on hand all day, throughout any point in the wedding day.





 The Simplicity Of Our Service

Everything we offer in the UK, we can offer abroad. We offer a unique musical experience and pull out all the stops for every couple. Each wedding is unique and because of our stripped down, busking-like simplicity of two guitars and vocals, we’ve complete flexibility to play at any point of your wedding day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for the flights and accommodation?

Either we can book in advance or booked as part of the package through the bride and groom.

Surely transporting equipment abroad can be costly?

Not at all! We take our acoustic guitars and hand luggage. Making it as simple and easy as possible.

What if we want you for the Evening Reception, will you be amplified?

Many venues have a in house sound system. We would extensively liase with the wedding co-ordinator at the venue, checking on compatibility and make sure we can plug into there system. Alternatively, we have in the past hired a PA and speakers abroad.


Examples Of Destination Weddings

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Having travelled to the beautiful old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia a day prior to the wedding, we were able to conduct a reconnaissance of all the destinations we would be required to play; for the ceremony, the towns jewel in the crown-the magnificent open air hall of Sponza Palace. We would then make our way to the harbour for an sea-bound reception, finally making our way to the Grand Hotel Argentina for an outdoor evening reception with a spectacular panoramic view of the town and the glistening blue Adriatic Sea.

On the day of the ceremony the sun baked down and shone down upon the congregation at Sponza Palace. We had been asked to learn specific songs for the ceremony and if we could accompany a friend of the bride in a specially chosen song. This was enjoyable for us and only needed a brief rehearsal with the singer before getting it in the bag for the ceremony. The acoustics in Sponza Palace were fantastic for us to perform in and guests happily requested songs for us while sipping champagne in the magnificent historical surroundings.

As we led the way to the harbour like a couple of pied pipers, our boat awaited bobbing gently in the deep blue water-fish visibly darting around its sides. It wasn’t long before we’d all climbed aboard and we’d taken our positions on the ships hull, looking more than reminiscent of Duran Duran’s ‘Rio’ video! The experience of performing to a wedding party on a boat on the Adriatic Sea, warm breeze stroking our faces, is a delight beyond measure. Serene and intimate with people choosing songs out of thin air and ourselves striking the chords, prompting everyone to sing along in full voice. As the boat sailed passed villas and hotels, tourist cheered and applauded the happy couple as we sang ‘We are sailing’. A truly magical experience one wishes you could bottle forever.

Prague, Czech Republic

The mobility of having just two guitars, coupled with our vast repertoire of songs in our heads certainly lends itself to spontaneous situations that stand out in a wedding. Another of which occurred at a wedding we performed at in Prague.

The beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic has a romance of its own at the best of times. Throw an adoring couple into the mix, a few guests and a wedding band happy to travel and you get the perfect wedding day. We had been asked to perform at a ceremony conducted in Prague Castles wondrous Baroque-style Vrtba Garden. Having performed the ceremony we made our way to the grounds of the John George hotel at the centre of the city. As the couple were heavily into The Beatles we were more than happy to supply them with Beatle related requests. Not long after we started playing, the groom came over and told us that a group of tourists had gathered at the other side of the hotel wall: this wall happened to be famously graffitied with John Lennon drawings and quotations, hence being known as ‘The John Lennon wall’. The groom asked would we mind playing a couple of songs for the tourists? What a fantastic idea!

When we made our way to the other side of the wall, an astonishing 30 or 40 tourists had gathered to hear us play. We struck out The Beatles ‘From Me To You’ which went down a storm; our happy couple dancing and kissing, with whoops and cheers from the gathered crowd. A beautiful way to be serenaded in an equally beautiful setting.

Not only can we be spontaneous but can learn songs specifically for each part of the day. First Dances in the UK are usually nighttime affairs, conducted on a dance floor with lighting projected onto the happy couple ensuring all attention is focused entirely upon them both. However, why not buck the trend and be serenaded for an acoustic outdoor First Dance with a difference.




Kieran from Rock My Reception
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