45 mins of unplugged, live music on the ukulele

Performed as evening guests arrive


This works best outside or in the bar area and prevents there being a lull in the atmosphere after the meal, plus it creates a WOW factor for evening guests who are arriving

This part of the day is often overlooked when planning a wedding, as it is important to maintain momentum and not leave your guests without entertainment


We can play your first dance live, or play a recorded version.

We have played at wedding's in the height of summer when guests would rather be outside. This has led to an impromptu 'Outside First Dance'

We can invite your guests onto the dance floor towards the end of your first dance to join you and get the party started



To add variety to the evening, our DJ set is perfect for keeping the guests on the dance floor. We will discuss with you what music you prefer, plus take any requests on the night from your guests.

We pride ourselves in providing a D.J set that you and your guests want to hear. We will not talk over records with cheesy chat, or play songs that you think are dated and inappropriate.


Our final live set to finish the night on a high. Playing all the anthemic sing-a-long songs, such as 'Don't Look Back In Anger' and 'Sweet Caroline'. We can end the night with all your guests joining in to 'Hey Jude'

keeping the party in full swing

set times

Ultimately how you would like the evening and night to run is completely up to you. We are always flexible and  fit in with the wedding couple and the venues plans and times.

We often get asked what works best with set times, so here is what we find leads to a successful night reception...

After the Wedding Breakfast...

18:30 Ukulele Set as evening guests arrive

19:00 DJ background music

19:45 Announce Cake Cutting

19:55  First Dance

20:00 Live Music Set

21:15 Announce Evening Buffet. Start DJ set

23:15 Final live set with anthemic sing along songs, Hey Jude, Don't Look Back In Anger etc

24:00 Curfew

Kieran from Rock My Reception
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